About Simploo

Welcome to Simploo, hand made, d shape modern design, composting waterless urine separating affordable toilets.

Firstly let me give you a brief history behind this toilet design.

I live on a boat on the River Thames and needed a toilet solution that was cheap and simple and that didn’t smell. It was pretty obvious that I had to go down the composting toilet route.

I did a lot of research but the composting toilets available were either too expensive for my budget or were just not to my taste.

So I decided to design my own!!!

I was so pleased with the end result that I decided to put them into production.

This toilet has a sleek D shape modern design with all the features of other urine separating composting toilets.

Urine separator (easy to remove for occasional cleaning) with built in 20mm waste pipe – simply connect your required length of flexible hose to the built in outlet pipe.
Available with internal 7 litre urine container.
Please let me know when you order which you prefer. 
12v Extraction fan including 240v adaptor ensures NO odours and speeds up the drying process of solids. (easy to connect with 68mm pipe available from DIY stores)
20 Litre solids container – easy to remove – simply lift the hinged top.
Container has a sliding hatch that hides the waste. Easy to slide back before use and slide back after use.
Easy to use. No need to add sawdust.
Robustly made from pvc, aluminium composite and high impact polystyrene.
Soft close seat

Dimensions – width 35cms, length 52cms, height 50cms